hiányzik, hogy ezt az embert heti rendszerességgel lássam.

most hogy mondod, nekem is :)

Friday, 18 April 2014

thewingsofthelastbird replied to your photo “#easter #nailpolish #nailart #husvet #easternailpolish”

Úristen, micsoda türelmed van!!! :) :) Cuki nagyon :)

köszi :) elszórakoztam vele (fogyasztani kell a sok lakkot, mert rámszáradnak :D)






this is the most romantic thing i’ve seen all day

No shit. That tom cat was like:

"This thorn invested wall means nothing."

"I will gladly walk on it a thousand times over, if that means I could be with you, my lady."

and the lady cat was all:

"My brave darling."


Suddenly my muse insisted me to draw the personification version of the last pic, and who am I to reject inspiration when it comes so willingly to me? At least this will help with the artblock issue I currently have to deal with.

Russian imperial era inspired because hot damn.

Note: I tried google reverse image (and other reverse image search engines) those photos and came up with nothing. I wish I knew the original photographer because I want to love hug him/her so hard for capturing such inspiring moments.

OMG that’s the cutest thing ever and the best courtly love ah so brilliant.

Few romantic heroes could do better.

I don’t post cats often but that illustration.

nem vagyok oda a gyerekekért, de ez a kis “röpködős” herceg (meg a kommentek) mindig reblogért kiáltanak :D

pont ma néztem, a sok kaszált, el hanyagolt sorozatom közül ezt még igyekszem rendszeresen nézni - kell a mese a lelkivilágomnak :)

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